Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Graduation week was fun- i loved making little armies of "graduates" and I wanted to apologize to the friends I was not able to bake for, I had a wedding in Oregon all weekend so I had to be realistic, but I do hate to say no!
Last week a cute girl (hi Jamie!) wanted some for her sorority, AGD, so she sent me a list of the words that are their sorority purpose- i cut them out and placed them at different angles on the cupcakes. The colors were red, green and yellow so I did the cupcakes yellow and green to avoid the Christmas look. A little hard to see in the picture but the motos were "friend, vigor, beauty, welcome, charity etc.

Now on to summer!!! What will be next.... oh, a Mario Cart cake! I will post some pictures this weekend.

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the Dunkleys said...

Beth do you ship?? I think I may want some cupcakes at some time or another! Oh, and I will be in Folsom July 9-10. I hope you guys will be around because visiting your family is at the top of my list of things to do on my short trip!