Thursday, June 10, 2010

Mario Cart!

This was one fun cake!! My friends son Cal is obsessed with the Wii and loves Mario Cart- so she wanted a "Mushroom Gorge" cake. (that is one of the levels on the game)
So I made a three layer rectangle cake out of chocolate buttercream and a yellow cake that leaned towards pound cake but was not quite as dense. A little cream cheese in the batter gave it a nice texture and density.

When it came to making the figures.... I felt like a kid again! This is why I played play-dough all those years- to get the practice for stuff like this :)

King Boo is a character on the game along with Mario and I just love him- all teeth and big pink tongue.... hilarious.

So here are some "Making of" pictures. Can I just say my kids think I am AWESOME when I make stuff like this!

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mcwally said...

Hey Beth - I's Andy, Clayton, Anna, and Chase
This cake is awesome. The kids recognized it right away and were so impressed.
You are amazing.