Monday, May 30, 2011


MY not so Little Delight Scott just graduated from elementary school! Cant believe it. I was so glad to be asked to make cupcakes to help celebrate!

Girl Girl Girl Cake!

If this cake isn't all girl then I dont know what is. This was for Mady and she has just as sparkly a personality as her cake was!
This was a 5 layer chocolate cake with cookies and cream filling.

Yo Ho Yo Ho a Pirate Cake for me!

This was a lot of fun! I had been wanting to do a pirate cake for awhile, and was thrilled to do it for a 5 year old- wish I could have seen his face!

Tall and Pretty

This was for a 20th anniversary, I love this rose pattern, it is so versatile and it makes a cake just so pretty. This was a 5 layer chocolate cake with vanilla filling. Happy Anniversary Deb!

Daddy's little helper

My friend made these cute invites to her daughter Kami's birthday party. It was based on the fact that Kami loves to get in the baby carrier and ride along while Dad mows the lawn! 
So this is the cake I came up with to go along with the theme...

Tangled (again!!)

I love this theme and apparently little girls do to. This was my second "Tangled" project and I planned out the tower a little better this time. The hair was a little tricky, I had to put a dowel inside it to keep it steady! Once again I had to include the pan :)

American Flag Cake

This was for a Scout Court of Honor and I learned from the mother that ordered this cake, that Gold Stars are for Memorial Cakes- for those lost, so we went with blue and white instead. This was a three layer chocolate cake with salted caramel cream filling.


My friend wanted to do something fun for her son's team at the end of year party!

Pretty in Pink!

This was a ballet/pink themed little 4 year old party! She wanted pink cake so pink cake she got :)
Happy Birthday Bri~

Feeling Tropical!

These were two different events- the cupcakes were for teachers appreciation in El Dorado Hills, they were doing a Hawaiian theme.

The cake was for Erica who was just graduating from High School and has been accepted to BYU Hawaii!! Her mom chose an Italian Cream Cake with Strawberry cream filling and White Choc BTB. I based the cake on a lei that her mom had picked out to give her at graduation!

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Garden Party!

These were for the Oak Chan teacher appreciation week. My friend (and Little Delights Sponser!!) Julianne made those cute signs to go with them!
Oak Chan teachers are the best!!!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

What about the cupcakes???

I realized I have been posting mostly about cakes lately, but my true first love is still cupcakes! They are what I do the most and I think they are the prettiest, but photos of them start to look the same and I dont want to be redundant with my pictures. But I still have to give a shout out to my Little Delights because it is so satisfying having a box of those little beauties go out the door :)
This last week my most popular were Key Lime and Lemon- sounds like warm weather flavors! 

Poker Night

This was a cake that needed to Celebrate Ron Sr.s 73rd birthday as well as the "3rd Annual Poker Tournament" so I put Ron's age on a big poker chip and I thought it was very clever :)
The di took me three tries, I kept messing up the black dots and smearing them, they were the hardest thing to make on the cake! I also messed up and put the "straight flush" in the wrong order but luckily my husband caught it before I sent it out the door!

Choo Choo!!!

This cake was made for a miracle baby- not suppossed to live past 3 and yet he is still going strong at 5!! His mom brought me over a couple of his trains (his obsession) and I used them to base this train cake on.
Happy Happy Happy Birthday Dylan!!!

More Mario!

This was a cake that just needed to be "something Mario" so I looked at a picture of the new game and made the cake like one of the towers I saw (I know nothing about the game though!) and put a Mario face, I was cutting the Mario while the cake was in the fridge, and when I brought it in I realized I made the face smaller than I meant to but... it still worked alright. (Can you tell I have been loving the star burst thingies?)
Happy Birthday Tyler!

Laser Tag Anyone?

To make this theme I called the Laser tag place where the party was going to be and asked someone to text me a picture of their laser guns for me to copy, but the gun was SO strange looking that I had to just go ahead and copy the Fisher Price toy laser gun.


I have been wanting to do a bright yellow cake for a long time and when I got a call for a work birthday party it was the perfect time to make one!

Hard to see the name because it is so big around, but it said Alyson, I love the jumbo letters! The bottom of the cake is circled with my favorite thing from Costco lately, Lemoncello almonds (!!!!) Almonds covered in white chocolate and lemon coating.

Happy Birthday Alyssa!

Loved this cake.... just a fun one, pretty and bright. The top tier was Lemon, the bottom tier was Red Velvet. It is hard to see but the tops of the tiers are covered with sparkling sugar!

Motorcycles and Guitars

This family loves having hobbies and "favorite things" on their cakes! For Tim's Birthday it was Dirt biking and "riding on to what is next in life" and then for Kevin, turning 8 was a rock-n-roll theme.
I am noticing that while the cakes were made about 3 weeks apart, they both have the same color scheme going on :)