Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Just for fun! These are for your own graduation party or to give to your favorite graduating friend!

These are fabulous (if I do say so myself) they will want to make you go back to school so you can graduate AGAIN (ok not really, but that SOUNDS good right?)

In lemon or chocolate- these cupcakes are topped with a cake pop (cake broken up and mixed with frosting and formed into a ball) then covered with White Chocolate Buttercream and your schools letters, colors, a cap and tassel! The cap is covered with sparkling black sugar.

(I am disappointed the picture is so dark but you get the idea!)

Large Boxed Jumbo "Capped" Cupcakes for your graduate friend are $5

A dozen regular sized "capped" cupcakes are $20

One fun option is to order a dozen regular cupcakes ($15 per dozen, you can see pictures in the post "Open House") and mix them with your graduation cupcakes.


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