Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Open House

For a friends new office opening here in Folsom I was asked for a variety of cupcakes- I made chocolate cupcakes, caramel apple cupcakes and made some Key Lime cupcakes that were nice and tart, then the night before the open house I started to worry that the Key Lime ones would be TOO tart so the morning of the open house (after working on the others until 2am!) I got up to make another batch, some Lemon/Orange cupcakes. A double citrus combo that I love.

Well it turned out the Key Lime cupcakes were the hit of the day! I shouldn't have stressed out (I probably always will when making up a new recipe!) but realized that people expect Lime to have that certain tartness :) Of course the minis flew off the table too- because those dont count as calories.... they are too small!

Dont you love my friends Cupcake stand, Fancy and gorgeous! I have got to get my own!

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