Friday, December 4, 2009


Because I LIKE to...... I realized that baking is therapeutic for me. It is extremely rewarding to have a finished product that never fails to delight SOMEone, even if it is just my 7 year old daughter who thinks I am FABULOUS because I can make something so fun to look at.
My kids have all had the same kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Kuryllo and we LOVE LOVE her and like it or not, she is always a recipient when we have been baking.
There is just something, so satisfying about watching the looks on peoples faces when you have taken the time (!!! that's half the battle) and made something special- whether its my own idea or one I found and had to try.

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Kim said...

Beth - you are my hero and I also think you are FABULOUS!!! What a fun hobby and you're so good at it! :-)