Monday, December 14, 2009

MINI's (and bad photography..)

I have been having fun with Mini cupcakes- a friend wanted some for her daycare helpers at the gym so her idea was to have something written on them- I cut out fondant letters that said (her cute idea) "Merry Christmas Mama's Little Helpers" and it got my brain spinning- all kinds of ideas for mini's! I had a large bakery box and filled the space around the lettered cupcakes with double chocolate mini's and lemon mini's with little frosting Christmas trees. The picture I took was really dark- maybe my friend took one, if she did I will post it. I am realizing to have a good blog you need to be a professional photographer! Hmmmm not gonna happen this year......

The chocolate CHOCOLATE mini's were for a birthday party (Thanks Jenn!) and had a truffle filling and just a touch of almond in the buttercream.

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c said...

You're a true talent, Beth! These are fantastic! Wish I could taste them . . . :)
Claire Foley Hawkins