Monday, December 14, 2009

Sweet Satisfaction

When I tied the ribbon on my "teacher gifts"for my kids to take to school I felt such satisfaction. So many things are NEVER done in my life- right now I am in the season of "Do-Over" jobs. Little kids mean little pickups ALL day long. They seriously go around pulling everything out and since my two youngest are physically challenged and can have breathing trouble I have to stay close- in the same room basically with them all day. So having such a fun hobby I really enjoy and can do while they scoot and toddle around is a wonderful outlet for me. A fun FINISHED product. Real question I guess is- why is it that I can make cupcakes but not dinner?


Blinzinger's said...

Beth - so fun to see what you're are AMAZING! What cute stuff, and I've tasted your cooking so no doubt they are GREAT.
- Kendra

The Eckerd Family said...

They taste so great...and are so cute! I LOVE to bake too!!!

mcwally said...

I LOVE LOVE this! I cannot believe your creativity and ingenuity. To have a fun idea and then to make it and have it taste good. Mighty impressive.

You need to put up the pix from Scotty's birthday.

Love you!