Friday, February 4, 2011

Happy 101 BSA!

Blue and Gold is the Scout color theme so here it is! This was a red velvet two tiered cake for a boy scout birthday celebration. The top tier was red velvet layers alternating with chocolate layers and filling, the bottom was all red velvet and cream cheese filling alternating with white chocolate.

The blue on the top tier is molding chocolate- tastes much better than fondant! All the stars, stripes and decor are also made from molding chocolate.
I put a little scout tent, fire pit and scout cap to top it off, I thought the sleeping under the stars was appropriate. (love the scout faces!! thanks for sending the picture in!)

1 comment:

mcwally said...

"I so wish I was there."
- Clayton

"Can you make that?"
- Clayton
(to which I replied, "No, I can't! :)

"That is the coolest cake ever!!!!!!"