Tuesday, October 12, 2010

It's about the cake!

Making "cake toppers" and special orders for cupcakes is a lot of fun- BUT let us not forget the real deal here..... THE CAKE. Believe it or not- I have not always been a fan of cake. So maybe that is why I am a little obsessed with making really GOOD cake, because why waste the calories on something that isn't just really, really well... Delightful! I love fillings and drizzles and of course the frosting has to really be delicious.

The best compliment so far passed on to me about my cupcakes is "eating these cupcakes was an out of body experience...." Does it get any better? :)

This is what I was looking at Saturday morning at 4am right before I went to bed...... My garage fridge (and some of my kitchen fridge) was stuffed FULL of cupcakes for a wedding reception. I was planning to go to the Bay Area the next morning so I wanted to get them all done. The bride and groom choose Lemon Poppyseed, Caramel Apple, Samoa, Chocolate Mint, and Pumpkin Spice with a cream cheese filling. So many little cakes!! And I know that each one deserved attention so that it could represent correctly:)

Toasted Coconut topped Samoa's (based on the girl scout cookie!)

The Bride (Christa! So beautiful that night!!!) promised me pictures so I will post them shortly.

This was for the "cutting the cake" picture, with their initials and on top a crown that matched the cupcake wrappers they cut with their cricut machine.

CONGRATULATIONS Mitch and Christa!!!

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