Monday, September 6, 2010

Making of the Mini Mouse Party

I took pictures along the way to show all the steps involved in this kind of project, once its finished its easy to forget what went into it so here are some of the details.... covering the cake with fondant took me three tries, the chocolate mousse made for a tricky filling, I needed to place Popsicle sticks through the layers to keep it from sliding. Next time I need to add a ganache or butter cream as well to make it stick better!

Mini in the beginning...

After she dried for a couple days I added a coating of  royal icing so her face would be smooth.

Cutting all the pieces one by one for the cupcake toppers.

Using chocolate tinted pink to glue the bows together.

Placing the little nonpareils on one by one...

Making the cupcakes and cake layers- homemade chocolate mousse. 

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