Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Butterfly Butterfly

This was a cake for a wedding reception and the hostess  let me decide how to decorate it. I knew the bride to bes'  (how do you spell that?) colors and I just wanted a reason to make these butterflies. How cute would it be to completely cover a cake with little butterflies or make a swarm of butterfly cupcakes!
This was a 12" 5 layer Italian Cream cake with alternating layers of cream cheese frosting and vanilla cream.
I had to weigh it- 12 pounds (!!!!)
This is a pre-frosting picture next to an apple for size perspective (this ones for you Sharlie :)


Sharlie and Andy said...

Ha! Ha! Thanks Beth! Either this is a huge cake or a tiny apple. But it does help to see the perspective.

Beth said...

Just thinking of you Sharlie! I know the angle make the cake look even bigger :) The apple is normal size though-