Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Did you know if you take a jumbo cupcake liner and put it in a regular size cupcake pan you can make a great "medium" size cupcake! Perfect for that 'more than a regular but not quite a jumbo' appetite!

Today I was making cupcakes for a "Pony" party and decided to ask everyone the personal question "What's your size?..."

Rate the cupcakes in the picture above, which size would you pick up at a party?(from left to right they are Jumbo, Medium and regular)

(can you believe the small one is a "regular" sized cupcake! It looks so small next to the others but still so satisfying~ :)


SAM said...

I think a medium would suit me just fine.


I would say Large, because that's the kind of girl I am!!

These Are The Days of My Life.... said...

I would pick a medium because I am always on a diet, but I would really want the Large one!!

California Baileys said...

Whatever!!! I just forgot. You need to send me the links in gmail so I don't forget! I should totally have won!!!!! No fair no fair no fair!!!!

I say tiny - cause I just have the appetite of a little tiny bird.