Saturday, July 17, 2010


Finally! I am so excited my boxes came- they are darling. White boxes with a window to let you see your "delightful" cupcakes! These make a GREAT gift for any reason.

Any flavor is available by the dozen with 24 hours notice. For variety check out the weekly specials- Cupcakes are $15 per dozen.

This weeks FEATURED Delights are:

Chocolate Mint (chocolate cupcake with gorgeous green mint BTB frosting and mini chocolate chips)

Orange Cream
(vanilla cupcake with fluffy orange BTB frosting )

Peanut Butter Cup (chocolate cupcake with BTB peanut butter frosting and a mini pb cup!)

OK- just to clarify- BTB frosting is "Better Than Buttercream" This frosting is my own recipe that is my FAVORITE and is a light tasting frosting that is made with real butter but is just melts in your mouth. While I love a good butter cream anytime- this frosting needs a label of its own!

I am going to get back to my kitchen but will post some pictures soon! I may also have an almond cupcake today as well if time permits.

Call or email for orders and pick up times.


Not available for pick up on Sundays :)

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