Friday, April 2, 2010

Something Good For You!

Now that we are getting ready to eat our Easter treats I thought maybe I would post something HEALTHY (??what on a cupcake blog??) because we all know cupcakes are not an "everyday" food they are a "sometimes" food. (I have to explain this concept over and over to my kids but they are starting to get it!)
About 5 years ago I realized I was having a hard time getting my greens in so I started experimenting with blending (first ones were not so tempting!!) and came up with a smoothie that has been my staple ever since. I have it almost EVERY single morning and I love it.
It is spinach based but tastes like fruit, I am posting a picture of what I put in it but the MUST haves in the smoothie are Citrus- Banana- and I love the Whey Vanilla Protein powder in the big purple bag from Costco. You can substitute the fruits you love but here is what I put-
Spinach, 1/2 banana, strawberries (frozen) and any other berries- (love the frozen blueberries, raspberries and blackberries), then orange juice and milk. I do 1 part OJ to 2 parts Milk. Add a scoop of vanilla protein and pinapple is always a bonus! You wont believe how much spinach you can cram it there and not really even taste it. If you want more details let me know here or at

Since i was raised by parents who focused so much on health and a nutritious diet I thought from time to time I should post some things I learned from growing up on wheat germ :) And its nice feeling like your body is being fueled with something so good. I have a couple other smoothies I will post later.

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